Turkey is the key travel destination. It has geographical and hospitality advantages, as well as topline healthcare facilities. In 2019, foreign medical arrivals were estimated to 660,000+ visitors. And approximately 20% of them — coming to get plastic surgery in Turkey. The reasons are well-experienced doctors, cutting-edge technologies, very desirable prices, and all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages. The additional services and options depend on the hospital, and in most scenarios, include accommodation, language assistance, some recovery procedures, and more.

Price counts. And plastic surgery in Turkey will cost you 2-3 times lower than the same procedures in the US, the UK, and leading EU countries. It varies on the level of clinics, medical staff, and procedures as well. For instance, Turkey’s hair transplant is estimated to be $2,000, while rhinoplasty takes $2,500. In contrast, the US’s same procedures will cost you up to $4,000 and $7,000, respectively, and almost $3,500 and $5,000 in the UK. Sure, you know how to deal with the saved money.

Turkey has an image of plastic surgery’s best destination due to its skillful and respected doctors, accredited hospitals, and high-level services. All that will help you to achieve superior results in changing the physical bearing. Hence, establish high standards while selecting the country for plastics, as these changes must be of excellent quality.